AL Mohandes Engineering Consultant is Integrated and equipped Engineering Office with the latest modern technology which includes a selection of highly qualified engineers and field experience in various disciplines of Engineering. AL Mohandes Engineering Consultant office under the supervision of Engineer/ Nasr bin Mohammed Al-Shidi (Master of Structural Engineering from Sultan Qaboos University) is pleased to provide integrated engineering consultancy in the field of the construction such as architectural and structural design, supervision of all construction work, show the output of art work, show the output of art work and architectural perspective for all types of projects and presented as a sophisticated art of architecture ,and implemented at low cost without prejudice the aesthetic of origin.


Services provided by the office:

1. Design Architectural and Structural of all Types of Residential, Commercial, Tourist      and Industrial Projects.
2. Supervision of all Construction works.
3. Present and Show Architectural Perspectives.
4. Divide Large Land to Residential, Commercial, Tourist and Industrial Plans.
5. Planning of Residential Villas Complex on Residential Land.
6. Surveying of all Types of Plots.
7. Make Krooki for all Type of Plots.

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